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At some point in each of our lives we are all reliant on being presented with an opportunity…

Movement to Work operates in a world of opportunity and seeks to break the vicious ‘no job – no experience’ cycle that is preventing around 800,000 young people, not currently in education, employment or training, from stepping onto the career ladder. By supporting organisations of all shapes and sizes to unlock the potential of these young people by offering quality work placement opportunities, Movement to Work can help both to drive business performance and bring about lasting social change.

How we work

We work with employers to find the best solution for their organisation; either in-house, with delivery through their own resource, or through a training provider, to support them in delivering their programme.

Through our network of youth outreach organisations, we can link unemployed young people and life-changing opportunities with our employers. By equipping organisations with the tools to successfully deliver a work experience programme, we ensure that the next generation of talent is being provided with the skills to succeed, positively impacting business performance and driving social good.


A strong relationship with government: we are actively working in partnership with government departments and offer a collective voice on matters of policy, in particular the Apprenticeship Levy.


Our model works: through Movement to Work over 90,000 work placements have been completed, with over 50% of young people progressing into jobs, apprenticeships or returning to education.


A national network of organisations that shares best practice and drives innovation. Our forums for learning draw on the diverse experiences of our members and pioneers across the sector to maximise positive outcomes.


Access to a sustainable and diverse talent pipeline: our partner network provides organisations with direction and expertise for effective methods of sourcing talent and placement delivery models.

Maximising the business benefit: by gathering ROI data and understanding the impact of work experience placements on diversity and inclusion, we have expanded the social impact case for work placement programmes


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