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Driving diversity and investing in the future through work placements.


“Movement to Work placements connect us with an untapped talent pool that is missed by some of our more tried and tested routes of recruitment. Time and time again we hear about the confidence the programme gives people, and how it breaks the cycle of not having the experience or skills to get an opportunity.”

Debbie Alder, Director General of HR, DWP

Sector Government
UK Workforce 417,000
Placement Model In-house
Funding Source


The Department for Work & Pensions was a founding member of Movement to Work in 2013. Since then, the initiative has been rolled out across government departments and the Civil Service is one of the largest providers of work placement opportunities for young people.

Building Movement to Work placements into the talent pipeline for apprenticeships and entry-level recruitment helps fulfil the Civil Service commitment to be representative of the communities it serves. Government has a critical role to play in reducing youth unemployment not just as a policymaker but also as an employer, and by building work placements into its strategic workforce planning the Civil Service is able to invest in a previously untapped talent pool to meet future change.

Civil Service Case Studies

Ben, Bradford

Ben completed a Movement to Work placement with the Civil Service in Bradford before successfully applying for a permanent role as a Digital Customer Support Adviser in HMRC.

Ben says: “Before I started, I wouldn’t have described myself as a computer or technical type of person. That’s one of the unexpected things about the placement – it opened my eyes to job roles I might not have considered pursuing otherwise. I’ve since gained many IT skills and feel more competent using them. I was told I brought a fresh perspective; I am relatively young and my work background is probably a bit different from some of my HMRC colleagues.” “To be honest, I’ve had disappointing experiences of work in the past which knocked my self-esteem and confidence. “It’s no exaggeration to say I owe where I am today to that placement, and to those who helped me onto it. I couldn’t be happier with where I am at this moment in time.”

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