Rory Allbutt – West Midlands Pilot Lead

Rory started at Movement to Work in April 2019, and is leading on Movement to Work’s West Midlands pilot scheme, in collaboration with the West Midlands Combined Authority and the DWP. He is on a secondment from Accenture Consulting, where he has spent 2.5 years working on large-scale transformation programmes for Retail Banks.

Rory is passionate about social mobility in young people, and would like to marry that passion to companies CSR initiatives in a sustainable way which is beneficial both for the company and the individual.

Outside of work Rory lives in Hackney, East London, and loves to take advantage of all the great restaurants and bars in the area. He is an Everton fan, and is currently in the habit of swapping sleep for swim, bike and run training as he trains for a Triathlon.

Connect with Rory:  LinkedIn