Elaine McCulloch – Head of Regional Development (South)

Elaine joined the Movement to Work team in May 2021 as the regional lead for the North East. She is on secondment from Sage, where she works as the Sage Foundation Manager for the UK and Irish offices supporting local charities and the community with corporate volunteering, investment and fundraising.

With 15 years experience of working in the charity, 3rd and public sector behind her Elaine’s careers has been focused on supporting young people to thrive through early intervention, apprenticeships and in work support. She has seen first-hand how powerful a job and support can be in shaping a young persons future and how building trust between them and the employers they work with is the key to a successful partnership.

Sage’s home is the North East and Elaine is excited to be able to develop and connect the exco system and build partnerships in the region to create opportunities for local young people.

Outside of work Elaine lives in Surrey, is an active member of Girl Guiding UK, is a crazy cat lady and gin fanatic. Spending time in the North East before heading home to Scotland to be with family is where she is happiest. If not there you can find her eating cheese with friends.

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