Shannon O’Callaghan

Name Shannon O’Callaghan
Company BAE Systems
 Last Known Job Role Analyst
Movement To Work Programme 2014

Shannon joined BAE Systems on one of their very first Movement to Work cohorts following a period of unemployment and, in her own words, the programme changed her life and gave her a chance when she didn’t feel like she had anywhere else to turn.

After completing the 4 week Movement to Work programme run, and getting excellent feedback, Shannon decided that BAE Systems might be somewhere that she would like to work and could calve a career for herself.

Shannon applied for BAE’s extremely competitive Apprenticeship programme and utilising the skills, experience and self-confidence that she gained during her experience on Movement to Work, she excelled and was offered a place; this, however, is just the beginning of a story of fantastic success and sheer resilience that is to be admired.