Why get involved?

Founded in 2013, MtW help employers provide high-quality youth employability programmes to 16-30 year olds who are Not in Education, Employment, or Training (NEET). This mechanism is a proven tool in breaking the vicious cycle of ‘no experience, no job’ that is hindering so many.

To date, MtW members have delivered over 135,000 workplace opportunities across the UK, with over 50% of programme participants progressing into jobs and apprenticeships, or returning to education.

Engaging in youth employment initiatives: Top benefits 

Sometimes employers need more than imagination, they must justify all their decisions to investors, staff and customers. And the good news is they can; recruiting in this way makes financial sense, through lower recruitment costs, a high level of loyalty among incoming staff and improving the morale of existing staff.

In November 2021, The Large Employers and the Youth Labour Market research report commissioned by Movement to Work and Youth Futures Foundation, and co-sponsored by Accenture and Sage, highlighted some of the key business benefits following engagement in youth employment initiatives including:

Diverse ideas, people and skills

Our workforces must evolve to be more representative of the society we live in. Employing young people is seen as a great way of increasing diversity within the organisation. In this way, companies have access to an assortment of new ideas and skills. This can result in more innovative solutions and improved competitiveness.

Stronger talent pipeline

Stabilising resource for entry level roles is important for any business. Helping to secure and build the talent pipeline is the key benefit of schemes such as graduate recruitment and apprenticeships. Investing the time and money to train and develop young people can safeguard current and future needed skills, whilst also helping to generate a pool of talent for the entire sector.

Fresh energy and enthusiasm

Businesses should look to grow with the times. Young people bring a different energy to companies, helping to foster a positive atmosphere that boosts staff morale and retention. New ideas and diverse perspectives create a more innovative and productive environment by challenging norms and can bring a wider variety of skills into play.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Whilst most organisations don’t have corporate responsibility objectives specifically aimed at engaging young people, many refer to Corporate Social Responsibility or a desire to support the local community as a reason for youth engagement. However, those that do have formal responsibility policies agreed that youth engagement helps them meet such objectives. The research indicates that when there’s a greater alignment between HR led youth employment initiatives and CSR goals, better corporate outcomes can be achieved. is seen as a great way of increasing diversity within the organisation. In this way, companies have access to an assortment of new ideas and skills. This can result in more innovative solutions and improved competitiveness.

Read more about our research here

Creating workplace opportunities for young people can have many benefits. This employer’s guide by the Change Foundation explores the barriers faced by young people and the value that work placements can bring.  Visit ‘The Movement‘ for more information

Return on Investment

Accenture’s study into the financial performance of the NHS employability programme demonstrated a return of 2.5 times on every £1 spent and a breakeven threshold of 19 months. Specific benefits include reduced turnover (9%), reduced absence (2%) and increased staff commitment with 80% of hiring managers considering the initiative to have had a positive impact.


Diversity and Inclusion

MtW is an integral recruitment tool to build a sustainable and diverse talent pipeline. When sourced through the right partners, the cohort participating in employability programmes will match the demographic of the communities in which an employer’s operations are located. MtW members in 2018 collectively delivered placements comprised of 52% females, 18% BAME and 18% those who identify as having a disability. .

Social Value and Engagement

MtW provides a platform to embed social purpose into the business model, actively demonstrates an organisations commitment to fostering social mobility and directly supports the UN Sustainability & Development Goals. Participating in the initiative also creates a positive impact for existing employees, supporting development of line management, public speaking and mentoring skills.