Meet some of the employers already supporting young unemployed people as part of Movement to Work

Running employability programmes can result in tangible business benefits. Participating employers report valuable and rewarding experiences for all involved, positive impact on employee engagement and workplace motivation, whilst also developing a future talent pipeline for their businesses. Where programmes are not directly linked to a talent strategy, participation offers an opportunity to further showcase a business’ commitment to their local communities.

Movement to Work training and work experience opportunities are being offered by employers across the UK and across sectors. Learn more below.


Take a look at what BT are doing to help young people develop core customer service skills in the workplace.

Doncaster Trainees meet BT Managing Director Libby Barr
Doncaster Trainees meet BT Managing Director Libby Barr

BT has been running employability programmes for a number of years. Our Adult Work Placement programme places young people with Openreach staff and allows them to experience a typical day in the life of a customer service engineer. The programme also teaches them employability skills before a final graduation.

More recently, BT has developed a number of Traineeship programmes. Traineeships have been developed in conjunction with BIS and the DfE and target individuals who are not quite ready for a job or apprenticeship but show commitment and potential. BT offers a seven week structured programme concentrating on employability skills, maths and English improvement and work experience in a variety of environments ranging from a customer contact centre or our warehousing to in our TV operations centre in the BT Tower.

BT work with Job Centre Plus, the careers service, training providers and our own friends and family network to focus on 16-24-year-olds who are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) as part of our programme.

At the end of the programme, we interview the trainees and aim to place them on our apprenticeship programme via our recruitment agency or other companies within the surrounding area.

We helped some amazing individuals gain the confidence and skills they need to progress with over half of the trainees who have completed now in employment. We will continue to expand into more areas of business in the next 12 months.

BT’s Traineeships form part of the company’s Movement to Work commitment.


Take a look at what Accenture has been doing to help young people build critical digital and technology skills for work.

Jessica Cordell taking part in Accenture’s Get Digital in central London
Jessica Cordell taking part in Accenture's Get Digital in central London

As part of our global Skills to Succeed initiative, Accenture is committed to helping 700,000 people the world over to develop critical employability skills and to move closer to work. We recognise that offering sector and market-relevant training and work experience is key to helping young people to enhance their employment prospects.

Accenture’s commitment to Movement to Work focuses on giving young unemployed people, aged 18-24 who are not in education, employment or training, an opportunity to develop and formalise their digital and technology skills.

Each four week placement consists of two weeks vocational training focused on developing core digital and technology skills, followed by two weeks work experience allowing the young people to put their new skills into practice. Each young person is ‘buddied’ with an Accenture employee to support them throughout the placement.

Accenture is offering two types of training placements:

  • “Get Digital” – Focused on teaching young people digital skills to help build the digital capabilities and offerings of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
  • “Get into Technology” – Focused on getting young people excited about careers in technology and support them in the Accenture Technology Apprenticeship application process in Newcastle and London.

Courses are run from our offices in London, Newcastle and Manchester and are delivered in partnership with youth organisations including The Prince’s Trust, and ELBA (East London Business Alliance). All work experience takes place within an Accenture office.

The aim of our courses is to get young people excited and motivated about the diversity and breadth of careers in technology or technology-related roles, and to provide them with relevant training and work experience to help them to successfully identify and apply for relevant roles.

Our Get Digital programme offers the young people taking part two weeks training in website creation (WordPress), search engine optimisation, social media strategies, content marketing, cyber security, and Google Analytics. The young people go on to undertake work experience within an Accenture office where they are set a real-life digital challenge by an SME. Participating SMEs submit briefs providing an overview of their business, digital status, as well as the areas they would like the young people to help with. Working alongside experienced Accenture Technology consultants, the young people use their new found skills to solve the challenges and present solutions at the end of their work experience. Also included within the work experience are three days of employability skills training focused on job search, CV creation and interview skills.

Our Get into Technology course prepares the young people taking part to apply for Accenture’s Technology Apprenticeship programme and offers training in Java Programming, app testing and user experience. The work experience element consists of job shadowing our existing Technology Apprentices. The course specifically works with the young people to support them in the application process for our apprenticeships and practise skills like team working, role playing and interviews. Accenture apprenticeships are a three year programme leading to a Foundation degree in technology.

To learn more about Accenture’s Skills to Succeed programme and other projects we are supporting to help young people in the UK to build their skills and employment prospects, please see


Take a look at what Diageo are doing.

Graduates of Diageo’s Learning for Life bartender course in Glasgow, February 2014
Graduates of Diageo's Learning for Life bartender course in Glasgow, February 2014

The Bartender training programme launched as part of Diageo Learning For Life Scotland provides young unemployed people with coaching, core employability skills and specialist bartender training, opening the door to a wide range of exciting career opportunities in the Scottish hospitality industry.

With two international events due to take place in Scotland in 2014 – The Ryder Cup and the Commonwealth games, Scotland’s hospitality sector needs to be ready to deliver world-class service to visitors from around the world.

Diageo has built on this opportunity to launch a five-year programme, aiming to provide valuable technical training and work experience to young people across various sectors. Participants benefit from advice in areas such as interview preparation, teamwork, and communication – helping to boost their life skills and confidence in support of their journey to employment. They also benefit from ongoing mentoring and assistance to guide them through the training and the job application process.

During 2014, Diageo plans to offer accredited training to at least 200 individuals, who will then be offered work placements in participating venues across Scotland.

The scheme is part of Diageo’s long-term commitment to support Scotland’s economy and contributes to the overall aims of Movement to Work, helping to tackle youth unemployment across the UK. To complement the first phase of the programme focusing on bartending and hospitality, Diageo plans to expand its support for young people to embrace retail, manufacturing and entrepreneurship.

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Take a look at what ManpowerGroup are doing.

ManpowerGroup UK Managing Director Mark Cahill and the Mayor and Mayoress of Hillingdon congratulate Michael Wood on completing the course and being offered a permanent opportunity at ManpowerGroup's UK head office.
ManpowerGroup UK Managing Director Mark Cahill and the Mayor and Mayoress of Hillingdon congratulate
Michael Wood on completing the course and being offered a permanent opportunity at ManpowerGroup's UK
head office.

Workforce expert, ManpowerGroup has introduced a Power To Work job preparation course for young people. By partnering with Job Centre Plus, ManpowerGroup identifies local young people who could benefit from a structured four-week work experience programme.

As well as equipping the trainees with practical work experience, ManpowerGroup provides workshops covering job preparation exercises such as CV writing, interview preparation, managing personal finances, presentation skills and how to use social media for work.

One of the main objectives of Power to Work is to help the individuals acquire the skills and confidence they need to secure rewarding employment. The programme got off to a flying start when six of the eight young people from the first intake found work by the end of the four weeks. These achievements were celebrated in a graduation ceremony attended by the Mayor of Hillingdon.

ManpowerGroup is now undertaking Power to Work programmes, with the support of Job Centre Plus, at several other locations across the UK, with the aim of helping at least 60 young people this year.