Ellen Punter



Name Ellen Punter
Company Civil Service – DWP
Location Plymouth
Last Known Job Role  CTST Triage Caseworker

After taking part in a Movement to Work (MtW) placement, Ellen Punter joined the Child Maintenance Group (CMG) in DWP.

Ellen works as a Change to Service Types (CTST) Triage Caseworker at Clearbrook House, Plymouth. Her previous job, working night shifts at Royal Mail, ended in September 2020:

“I’d applied for many jobs, without success. Then my Work Coach put me forward for a Kickstart role in DWP and I was thrilled to get accepted. First, I attended a MtW placement which really helped prepare me for starting work”.

“MtW was a great way to get me into a routine, settle my first week nerves and get to know other DWP Kickstart colleagues, who had also enrolled on MtW. I felt much more comfortable starting in CMG knowing that I would be seeing familiar faces. We developed a strong bond, supporting each other through new experiences.”

“I was so excited to be back in work. My job involves looking at cases and contacting customers to make sure we have the right information on maintenance payments. Initially I worried that customers would ask me something and I wouldn’t know the answer, but I’ve learnt that it’s okay not to know everything!”

“Kickstart is now helping me develop useful job skills like telephony and problem solving. What motivates me is knowing that at the end of the day I’m helping families get the financial support they need to provide for their children.”

“My managers are so supportive and caring. I feel like they genuinely care about me as a person.”

“Outside of work my hobbies vary and I enjoy craft projects. When my nieces and nephew were born, I was struggling to come up with ideas for Christmas gifts, so I decided to make each of them their own stuffed animal. I taught myself to crochet and I was determined to finish; even down to restarting the piece in the middle of the night to make sure it was right. Rather boringly my first purchase from my first pay was new bathmats, but I love them!”

“Thinking about my future, after my Kickstart role I’m looking forward to being in a job that helps support families; family is really important to me.”