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CEO Summit / MtW Youth Employability Awards – xxx date

One day, two key events: For the last few years, the charity has hosted an annual summit inviting young people and leaders from across its network to discuss the most pressing youth employment issues and make plans for tackling them in the year ahead. 

CEO Summit Aims to engage and expand the network to help more #YoungPeopleWork and promote a fairer world

  1. Educate: our network on the current key issues regarding youth unemployment alongside gaining fresh insight from our attendees.
  2. Debate: what works and what doesn’t. Providing opportunities for authentic storytelling, sharing lived experiences direct from young people, and honest conversation peer-to-peer.
  3. Motivate: MtW employers to improve and expand their commitment and inspire new employers to join the Movement for the first time – seeing both the social need and business benefits. 
  4. Activate: focus not on problem-finding but on problem-solving so that attendees are clear on what commitments and actions to take forward.

MtW Youth Employability Awards is an opportunity to inspire as many people as possible, to celebrate our collective successes and the people and organisations that have really made a difference. 

  • Celebrate: the remarkable individuals and organisations across the network who have been particularly extraordinary. Whether you’re an employer, trainer, or charity – you have had a significant impact and we want to recognise your efforts! And if you’re a young person, you’ve bravely entered the workplace and your determination has been noticed! 
  • Demonstrate: the power of quality employability programmes in driving positive outcomes for young people trying to find work and for businesses looking to diversify their workforce and give back to their communities.

Generate: increased support and raised awareness for Movement to Work and our collaborative efforts to drive more support and the growth of the network

Youth Summit – XXX DATE

Whilst we are a B2B organisation primarily focussing on building our employer network, this event is a key moment in our annual calendar where we listen directly to the views of young people first and foremost. We do this to understand the real-world lived experiences of:

  • Young people aged 16-30 who are currently unemployed and/or looking for work (with a focus on socio-economically diverse young people who are facing barriers to work)
  • Young people aged 16-30 who are employed
  • MTW Youth Ambassadors & Champions – young people from across our network who have overcome barriers to work and are progressing their careers

Informed by the latest youth employment research and trends, the Movement to Work team will prepare a series of key questions which will be workshopped in round table discussions. Here, young people will sit with HR and early careers professionals from across our employer network (existing, new and prospective). Through these conversations we hope to give young people a platform to have their voices heard, generate new understandings for the young people and HR professionals in the room