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Placement Location: Darlington

BT work placement – 3 weeks – Darlington – 22/11/2018

If you are aged 16-24 and currently not employed or enrolled on a training/education course you are eligible for this BT opportunity. You’ll learn skills that’ll help you get a job and you’ll get to experience what it’s like in a real workplace. You’ll get on the job experience of running a project from start to finish, working on your own and in a team. You’ll present to and work with senior BT people on your progress and achievements. After graduating we’ll support you into a job with us or another employer, or into further training.

What does a typical placement look like?

Week 1: Monday to Friday you’ll build and develop your CV and interview skills, as well as learning other digital employability skills.
Week 2: You’ll start your work placement. They vary depending on where you live and can include working in a BT Contact Centre (customer service, sales, project management and data analysis), Technical Service Operations (network monitoring, fault analysis and project support), field engineering (repairing and installing equipment), warehousing (distribution, planning and logistics) or in BT Fleet (vehicle maintenance and customer service).
Week 3: You’ll continue to gain experience in the workplace during your work placement. Wednesday to Friday, you’ll take part in a practice recruitment, have time to plan for your future and think about your short-term and long-term goals, before a graduation event to celebrate finishing your work placement with us.

What you should wear:

  • Comfortable, smart casual clothing is best. For example, trousers and a top, chinos and a shirt, a dress, or a skirt and top. Don’t worry if you have a limited wardrobe – we don’t judge.
  • We’ll give you any safety clothing or equipment if you need it in your work placement.

Skills you’ll come away with:

  • Digital skills.
  • Interview techniques and CV skills.
  • Insight into BT operations.
  • Data mining and analysis.

What have previous participants of this programme said about their placement?

  • “The Work Ready programme motivated me, giving me hands-on experience. Everyone was amazing at helping each other on the course – it was brilliant.” – Mathew Griffiths
  • “The work placement changed everything. It gave me with a lot more confidence in myself and the experience I needed. The BT team were great and always there to help.” – Shane Staples

Complete this placement and then…

We want you to leave with a new-found confidence about what you can achieve and have experiences you can talk about at interview.

You’ll get a certificate and a reference showing your attendance record and your achievements to demonstrate your commitment to prospective employers. Beyond the programme we offer support for a further 12 weeks with job searching, college applications and interview support.

A few final things…

Reasonable travel expenses reimbursed? Yes.
Public transport accessible? Yes.
Mentor provided during placement? Yes.
Reference given once placement completed? Yes.

If you are aged 16-24 and currently not employed or enrolled on a training/education course you are eligible for this opportunity.